Training Course

21-30 April 2020 | Horezu, Romania

Out for changE+ is a training course dedicated to 34 youth workers that will develop themselves personally and professionally with the aim of promoting and being active in inclusive education.

Through the training course “Out for ChangE+” we want to motivate youth workers to change the set patterns and perspective about education and activity design, to realize the countless possibilities to implement inclusive activities and the multidimensional benefits that this can have in the learning process and development of the young people, contributing to the change of the learning, education and educational system in an inclusive one, and empower youth workers and most important, the young people through them. Furthermore, we want to support youth workers to understand better and promote an inclusive environment, to develop their skills and learning in innovative settings, using non-formal education methods to raise their civic and social awareness. Throughout the project, the participants will: 1. Acquire knowledge about inclusion and inclusive non-formal methods, that they can apply in their typical work; 2. Develop their training skills and expertise in working with young people in inclusive settings, using non-formal education and experiential methods; 3. Increase their awareness that integrating inclusive education methods and activities can create social change and benefit greatly the young people and their communities.   The training course will have 8 full days of activities, between the 22nd and the 29th of April 2020 (21 and 30 April wil be travel days) that will be organized in Horezu, Romania, hosting 34 youth workers that will develop themselves personally and professionally with the aim of promoting and being active in inclusive education. The methods used will be non-formal indoor and outdoor methods, focused on inclusion by combining activities and tools used in: non-formal education, experiential outdoor education and therapy, art and drama therapy, mixed in a multidimensional approach to create great impact and provide practical tools that they can transfer easily in their daily work with the young people. We will focus on: promoting inclusion in all our activities, team building activities, to form the group and create a network of professionals; peer to peer learning – sharing sessions; design and simulation of activities to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants; communication with groups that have members with disability; group dynamics management. The activities of the mobility are based on the principle of learning by doing. Participants: Our participants will be 34 youth workers from the 8 partner countries that work daily with youngsters – any level of experience with the age above 18, interested and highly motivated in developing their skills in inclusive education and with a vivid interest of doing so with the help of non-formal outdoor experiential education and with a strong determination to transfer the methods in their daily work and to promote inclusive education in their communities and beyond. They should own a strong desire to share their own experiences and learning outcomes and use them as tools to improve their skills/methods and the ones of the youth they are working with. English level should not be eliminatory, but it would be recommended to be at least B1. Obs.: The project is not created for outdoor experts, but for youth workers that are interested to integrate in their work methods that favour inclusion of youngsters with mobility or visual impairment. The physical level of difficulty of the methods is low, but the specific outcomes about how to actually work with outdoor inclusive education having a group with participants with special needs is high level.

This Training Course is for 34 participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Turkey

and recommended for Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders

Working language(s): English


Participation fee

This training course is funded by the Erasmus+ program. The organizers expect no participation fee, but there might be a small membership fee charged by our partners for participation in their teams. Please contact the partner organization from your country for further details. 

Our partner organizations:

Seiklejate Vennaskond – Estonia 

Fundacja Wspierania Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych 4YOUth – Poland 


Belen Kaymakamligi – Turkey 

Associazione Culturale Mastronauta – Italy 

Bulgarian Youth Forum – Bulgaria 

Do Great Things – Latvia

Accommodation and food

Acommodation, meals and materials will be provided by the organizers and are fully funded by Erasmus+.

Travel reimbursement

You will be required to book your travel to and from the activity (after the confirmation from the organizers). The cost should not exceed the following amounts Turkey 275 €, Estonia 275 €, Croatia 275 €, Poland 275 €, Italy 275 €, Latvia 275 €, Bulgaria 180 €,  Romania 20 €, including the fee for the rented bus from Bucharest to the venue (arranged by the organizers) and will be reimbursed following full attendance of the activity days and the submission of all travel documents to the organizers.

This training activity is funded by: I partecipanti hanno diritto a ricevere un certificato Youthpass dall’organizzatore, per il riconoscimento dello sviluppo delle loro competenze durante l’attività. Maggiori informazioni su Youthpass:

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