Co-operate & Co-create

7-18 April 2020 | La Maison de Paille (Essertfallon) , Switzerland

This Training Course is for 24 participants from Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, KOSOVO * UN RESOLUTION, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and recommended for youth workers, Trainers, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Youth coaches, Youth researchers
Working language(s): English
Organiser: Association Les Coccinelles (Others)

The Association “Les Coccinelles” is a little organisation with a big dream! We are a bunch of committed day dreamers, gate keepers, bridge builders, soul speakers, web weavers, light bearers, food growers, wound healers, trail blazers, truth sayers, life lovers & peace makers… (as “Climbing Poetree” would say) and we like to develop fun and positive pathways towards sustainability by using the great tool of Permaculture Design and non-formal education, mixing these all up and creating new exciting moments of sharing knowledge and wisdom with especially young people, young adults, wise old adults people and children.
Co-operate & Co-create training course proposes strategies to shift from competition based relationships to cooperation based connections, from fear to love, within and as part of the web of life.
Have you ever realized that we are living in a unique time in history, and we are facing a convergence of environmental, economic and social crises? With Cooperate & Co-create our goal is to tackle this situation, understanding the crisis as an opportunity to evolve and reframe our worldview. We propose strategies to shift from competition based relationships to cooperation based connections, from fear to love, within and as part of the web of life. We will explore our competences, with inclusive and participatory methodologies; developing attitudes for collaborative and synergistic relationships, skills for design thinking & co-creation and knowledge about ourselves. All this by implementing tools such as:
• non-violent communication
• cooperative games and gamification of learning
• horizontal decision making as Sociocracy
• collective ritual creation inspired by Starhawk
• nature reconnection
• leadership management inspired by Processwork
The course will be facilitated by Cecilia Furlan, Genny Carraro, Jose Maria Donado and Valentina Cifarelli.

Participation fee
Costs for travel, food and accommodation will be covered. It’s required a sliding scale course fee based on the country you come from
• 350 euros for Switzerland;
• 200 euros for Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, UK;
• 100 euros for Portugal, Spain, Hungary & Kosovo.
If you have economical constraints covering the course fee, please contact us to find a solution.
Accommodation and food
Costs for food and accommodation will be covered by the Swiss foundation Movetia through the interim solution for Erasmus+.
Travel reimbursement
Travel costs wil be covered:
• up to 50 CHF for Swiss partciants;
• up to 300 CHF for all other international participants.

This training activity is funded by: I partecipanti hanno diritto a ricevere un certificato Youthpass dall’organizzatore, per il riconoscimento dello sviluppo delle loro competenze durante l’attività. Maggiori informazioni su Youthpass:

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